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Section 1: Categories

Section 2: Phases of Participation

Section 3: Timeline

Section 4: Prizes and Awards for EWC 2021

In addition to the top 3 prizes listed above (which may be from any stage), separate prizes will be awarded to the top scoring team from the following categories that did not receive one of the top 3 prizes:

Section 5: Evaluations

* For Applicants participating in Accelerate 2


  1. Global Organizers
    1. Three (3) organizations are considered the Global Organizers of the Entrepreneurship World Cup: Misk Global Forum, Global Entrepreneurship Network and The Global Education & Leadership Foundation.
  2. National Organizers
    1. There is only one (1) National Organizer per country coordinating national and regional competitions towards one global final. However, in the case of countries with a population of more than 200 million, there may be more than one national final competition driven by multiple organizers.
    2. National Organizers agree to be inclusive of different elements of their national ecosystem and, where possible, develop a National Leadership Team to ensure that there is a coordinated strategy for the country, and diverse communities and regions are represented.
  3. EWC Flagship Events
    1. Global Organizers will be leading EWC Competitions at special Flagship Events where global finalists will be selected. The calendar of activities and events will be available in the official webpage: https://entrepreneurshipworldcup.com
  4. Global Finalists
    1. Criteria for Number of Global Finalist Slots per Country: The number of applicants that advance beyond the first round will vary from country to country and is determined by the following:
      1. Number of entrants
      2. Population
      3. Maturity of ecosystem
      4. Whether countries had a live final
      5. Whether countries had regional finals within the country
      6. Whether countries achieved the minimum pool of applicants per category
      7. Whether countries have followed the EWC Guidelines
    2. Stage or Sector: Organizers reserve the right to focus on a particular stage or sector relevant to the country and provide national prizes accordingly. However, they must observe the following: 
      1. Countries with a minimum of 5 Global Finalists must guarantee representation of all stages – Idea, Early and Growth.
      2. Organizers must register Global Finalists within the deadlines to enter Accelerate 2.
    3. Guaranteed EWC 100 Slots: The top thirty-five (35) performing countries – based on the criteria outlined above in item III (a) – will have one (1) guaranteed slot at the EWC Global Finals and up to (3) guaranteed slots for larger countries with a population of more than 200 million.
      1. Global Finalists selected among the top performing countries must successfully complete the submission requirements in order to qualify for the Global Finals.
  5. Principle of Confidentiality
    1. The Organizers: Misk Global Forum, Global Entrepreneurship Network and The Global Education & Leadership Foundation; Mentors and Judges, and any other person involved in the Entrepreneurship World Cup, will maintain faithful enforcement of the Principles of Confidentiality of the projects presented by the teams for EWC in accordance with the Rules, Terms and Conditions.
    2. All information submitted by the Applicants is considered confidential. Applicants will be asked to provide a brief company description, pitch deck, logos, profile pictures and/or other material that will be made available to the public through the EWC official channels, Organizers’ websites and social media channels. Websites listed by Applicants will be considered public information. During all related competitions, pitch decks will be reviewed by the judges who have previously agreed to maintain confidentiality of the information presented.
  6. Tax and Legal Considerations
    1. The cash prizes awarded may have legal or tax implications for the Applicant’s domestic tax status in their country. Taxes will be entirely the responsibility of the winners. The Organizers hold no responsibility with these or any related tax or legal obligations of the winners.
  7. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of the Entrepreneurship World Cup
    1. Registration to the Entrepreneurship World Cup, constitutes acceptance of the Applicant(s) to the Rules and Terms and Conditions included at entrepreneurshipworldcup.com.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and to ensure the EWC global community's safety, the global finals and all related events may be organized virtually at the Organizers' sole discretion.