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Marketplace, Big Data/AI 

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MyTitleWe developed the only solution that enables malls to become omnichannel trade leader by offering a marketplace to their lessors. Clients can purchase products offered in the mall’s stores 24/7 and in real time.

Created in 2015, Wishibam is composed of 25 ambitious entrepreneurs, led by Charlotte Journo-Baur, a former strategy consultant for AT.Kearney.

Our white label solutions enable malls to offer an omnichannel and seamless shopping experience: end customers can buy the products available in stores, directly on the website, and benefit from the same advantages on this new distribution channel as they would at the physical point of sale (loyalty program, discounts, personalized support...).

By leveraging their trusted third party status offline to become one online, malls can collect three times more customer data that they can then use to improve their experience both on and offline through personalised and targeted marketing initiatives.

These solutions help alleviate customer pain points and hence increase their conversion and retention rates, something we have accomplished with The Village Outlet for the Compagnie de Phalsbourg.

Wishibam For Business consists of 3 main digital tools which use machine learning to scale quickly and minimize employee involvement :

Our marketplace automatically transcribes store inventory with the specificities of each product on the merchant site in real time. AI is at the heart of this solution : our modules allow us to plug directly to any store’s inventory, no matter the OMS the retailer uses. Then, machine learning enables us to organize all these goods in minimal time.

Our intelligent CRM collects customer data across different channels (physical and online) and unifies it to provide personalized recommendations to each customer thanks to machine learning.

Finally, our picking application, boosted by machine learning, offers delivery, click and collect, as well as e-reservation (30% reduction in delivery lead times).

Our tools can be implemented separately from one another depending on a customers' needs, but together they form a complete digitalization ecosystem that offers end-customers an omnichannel and seamless shopping experience.

Thanks to our technology, all actors of the food chain see value creation : End-customer enjoy a seamless and personalized experience 24/7. A successful solution : over the last 6 months, The Village’s repeat purchase rate is of about 40% while customer satisfaction is at 99%.

Digitized malls see their footfall increase (+10% on The Village) as well as their asset valuation grow since online sales are integrated to the shopping center’s PnL. Their catchment area becomes worldwide as our marketplace enables international shipping. Moreover, as every order ships-from-store, developers and operators do not need to invest in warehouses to store inventory.

Stores see their traffic and revenue increase (8% to 15% in revenue increases for The Village’s stores) without requiring additional work from their sales teams.

We believe that e-commerce and retail are complementary. This is the reason why we developed solutions to enhance the in-store experience and provide omnichannel capabilities to brick & mortar retailers. Our results so far indicate that 70% of The Village’s website revenue is generated when the center is closed, between 7pm and 2am, and 30% on Sundays. Stores generate revenue even when they are closed !

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