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Thinkerbell Labs wins India Finals!

Congratulations to Aman and Thinkerbell Labs Team!
Annie by Thinkerbell Labs is the Worlds First audio-tactile Braille Literacy device that helps the visually impaired learn to read, write & type through interactive audio-guided content in vernacular languages. The pitch starts at 1 hour 3 minute.

Hera Health Solutions wins US Finals!

Congratulations to Idicula and Hera Health Solutions Team!
Hera Health Solutions is a pharmaceutical device company specializing in the research, development, and commercialization of long acting treatments through proprietary bioerodible drug delivery implants. The pitch starts at 1 hour 24 minute mark.

The AUthentic Platform wins Singapore Finals!

Congratulations to Kavya and AUthentic Platform Team!
AUthentic aims to help families with kids with autism by providing them with a platform that connects them with reliable and experienced service providers. The Pitch starts at 25 minute mark.

Recornea wins Italy Finals!

Congratulations to Emeliano and Recornea Team!
Recornea is a medical technology company developing implants for treating cornea deformities, initially focusing on keratoconus a disease that causes cornea bulging and presents a market of $3B. The pitch starts at 1 hour 6 minute mark.

NetWord Agro wins Brazil Finals!

Congratulations to Marcus and NetWord Agro Team!
Digital soil monitoring technology for farmers to reduce their handling costs, increase crop productivity & reduce the environmental impact generated by agricultural activities. The pitch starts at 1 hour 13 minute mark.

Yeu La Du wins Vietnam Finals!!

Congratulations to Tran and Yeu La Du Team!
Vietnam's largest Love & about Sex Education ecosystem, Yeu La Du is building an ecosystem to satisfy the need for sex education, health care, take care of encounter relationships and skills development. The pitch starts at 16:40.

Erthos wins big at the Canadian finals!

Congratulations to Nuha and the Erthos team!
Nuha from Erthos pitches about their mission to make the transition to sustainable materials a natural one. The Erthos pitch starts at the 34 min. mark.

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