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Introducing the EWC Winners Circle

See the top finalists from the Entrepreneurship World Cup 2020
See the best of the best - Meet the startups that captured the hearts and minds of the judges in this year's competition!

TurtleTree Labs From Singapore Wins at the Second EWC at MGF

Top startup wins $500,000 in cash
TurtleTree Labs is the first biotech company to create milk sustainably using cell-based technology.

Australia makes delicious meat alternatives that taste incredible!

Congratulations to Fable Foods going forward to the Global Finals
Fable Food imagines a world where you can experience the deliciousness of eating all your favourite foods in a way that’s healthy, sustainable, and ethical. This is why they produce delicious tasting meat without animals. See their story here!

Canada making safer, improved products through material science

Congratulations to Dan Cohen from FLITE material sciences
FLITE technology uses lasers to change the surface of material so they protect themselves from rust, ice, fouling, pathogens, without toxic chemicals. Their clean, patented technique is making safer improved products in almost every industry.

Congratulations to Stylumia, Trestle Labs and Rephrase AI from India

Three startups from a magnificent event make their way to the Global Finals
A deep learning platform that creates winning fashion, a tool that can take any piece of text and create a video of a person speaking that text and an Assistive Technology company empowering the Blind and Visually-impaired win in India's finals

Big moves for healthcare in Italy where patient focused startups win

Congratulations to Prometheus SRL and PatchAI
PatchAi a cognitive platform for collection and predictive analysis of patient-reported data and Prometheus SRL a complete automated system for wounds care make their way to the global finals from Italy

Saudi's Talon Dust Control saving the MENA region $13Billion per year

Congratulations to Shahzad Ghauri winning in Saudi Arabia
In the biggest movement for entrepreneurship in the region this startup developed a range of products that are environmentally friendly, low cost, and mitigate the financial, health, safety and environmental impacts of dust and sand storms.

Round of applause for Waso Learn making quality education affordable

Congratulaions to Aung Chit Khin moving onward from a thrilling final
Waso learn wins in a final event hosted by the Myanmar Young Entrepreneurs Association. An exciting business with a social mission to make the quality education affordable and accessible to all the basic education students nationwide.

Congratulations to Perch, Farmsense and Ellis Day Skin Science

Three companies move forward from the USA West Coast Finals
Perch helping college students build credit fast & for free, Farmsense, the next generation of insect monitoring and Ellis Day developing bacteriophage-based topical skincare products win in the west coast. Watch their fascinating pitches.

Brazil working towards achieving zero-landfill with GreenPlat

Congratulations to Chicko Sousa winning in Brazil!
GreenPlat is a SaaS in blockchain that covers the full production chain. Working toward zero-landfill providing full traceability of production chain and support on environmental compliance. See their pitch at the Brazil finals here!

Eco-friendly Indonesia takes plastic alternatives to the Global Finals

Congratulations to Surya Sjukri with Evo&co
EVO&CO is a social enterprise that elevates environmentally friendly lifestyles and provides innovative value to urban society. In the past they have created plastic alternatives using seaweed, cassava, rice or sugarcane as the primary material

The future is here with the smart delivery drone system for big cities

Congratulations to Trung Vo Tran and Drone Pro VN jsc
Drone Pro's goal is to create new transport solutions in high density environments, where street surface area is limited. The first product & solution is the smart delivery drone system for people live in apartment buildings & skyscrapers.

Congratulations to Rubitection, Legacy and MITO Material Solutions!

Three Startups from USA move forward to the Global Finals
Sanna Gaspard, Haley Keith and Khaled Kteily take winning strides! Their startups are reducing likelihood of mechanical failure, providing caregivers low cost early detection tools for bedsores and providing mail in sperm analysis and freezing.

Wins with reduced energy usage and quality water from complex sources

Laava Tech and Desolenator make it the Global Finals
Big wins for climate change from very impressive tGELF global pool! Desolenator has low-cost sustainable desalination disrupting the water supply chain and Laava Tech reduces energy used by LED lights up to 75% without losing efficiency.

Jobseekrs solving the Problem of Hiring Biases in the United Kingdom

Congratulations to Dr. Elsa Zekeng on making her way to the Global Finals
Any employer seeking to diversify their talent pool and nurture their culture should access Jobseekrs - AI powered hire in the most unbiased way. Find candidates purely based on competency to the job role and culture-alignment with a company.

A digital company helping Barbadian employers and employees succeed

Congratulations to WORK Consultancy Inc. making it the Global Finals
Join the Barbados National Finals to learn more about a unique online environment for prospective employees to experience professional development through mentorship and discussion while getting in a position to be hired.

Empower companies to get most out of their most valuable asset, data

Congratulations to AS Analytics from El Salvador
Alejandro Alas moving forward to the Global Finals with a company that helps businesses to improve the use of data to make better decisions, increase revenue, solve problems, identify new business opportunities and provide key information.

Benson kandeh providing access to safe drinking water in Sierra Leone

Congratulations to EcoWater Solution SL.LTD
Onward to the global championship, a company solving a big problem by bringing people living in rural and suburban communities clean and safe water with locally built pump systems which are economical, affordable and sustainable.

AC Biode the winner in Japan is recycling the the non-recyclable!

Congratulations to AC Biode and Kitalabs!
Massive wins for Cleantech in Japan turning the most difficult-to-recycle plastics into fuels, carbon, or virgin plastic rather than sending it to incinerators or landfills. AC Biode is transforming waste to create a circular economy.

South Korea advancing with an App for Journaling and Mindfulness

Conratulations to Willim Inc, AIET and Fynd for advancing to Global Finals
Onward to Global from South Korea is 3linediary, a leading diary app that enables you to capture your day with three lines of text and one picture. You can create multiple diaries to reflect various aspects of your life.

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