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Clean Energy for everyone.

The lack of electricity in rural areas in Djibouti sometimes makes it difficult to educate children when the sun is down, for lack of light. Access to electricity is a major challenge in Africa, whose impact is even greater in schools in remote rural areas. Indeed, these areas are most often not connected to the electricity grid that supplies cities. UN reports estimate that 700 million Africans still do not have regular access to electricity, most of the time in remote areas. GreenTech solves the problem of access to electricity in rural areas. GreenTech's solar backpack can benefit rural students. Indeed, most households in rural Djibouti often only have a storm lamp [a kerosene lamp] for a family of five to ten people. And obviously, it is the parents who monopolize this source of light at night. The Sunbag is the solution to this problem. Thanks to her, the child will have his own light to revise at sunset.